Systems Bootcamp by Jen Rudd

Are Your Systems Working FOR You?

You are four steps away from a more streamlined, automated business. By following the Four Step Systems Framework, you can create systems in your business that are uniquely tailored to your individual needs. No consultant required.

Why Take Systems Bootcamp?

If you are looking to automate your business, you need to work on the foundations of your business FIRST. If you don't have a plan for your systems to run like a well-oiled machine, then you aren't going to be able to automate, period. 

This bootcamp will help you create systems that can be automated - because chances are, the way you currently run your business doesn't translate to automation. 

Think of this as learning to walk before you run with systems!

What is Included in Systems Bootcamp?

Each week is dedicated to helping you create a business you love that is EASY to run! Each module reviews strategies for success, templates to help you build systems in your business, Key Performance Indicators, and Boundaries - all crucial for successful systems. 

  • Week One - There are eight key categories of systems that you will need to become familiar with.  These simple systems are combined to create the complex systems you need to make a more efficient business.
  • Week Two - Step One of the Systems Framework. We will discuss mapping out your complex system, how to decide which categories to pull from, and how to lay out all the dependencies. If you can't map it, you can't systemize it. 
  • Week Three - This is where we edit your system based on your initial mapping. Are you putting your time and effort into the right places? Do you need to outsource? Are you value adding without adding to your bottom line? Let's refine the system and be intentional with all the resources you have available.
  • Week Four - Rinse + Repeat. You have to be able to standardize your system and create processes that duplicate the same outcome over and over. Let's remove all the "variables" from your system - so that you can copy and paste each time. 
  • Week Five - Automation. If you have done the first three steps correctly, you can automate that system. Let's talk about what you can put in place to automate your system and run your business on autopilot.
  • Week Six - Practical Implementation Strategies. Let's review how to apply this framework to your Client Experience so that you can apply it to any systems in your business!

How Is The Bootcamp Delivered?

The Systems Bootcamp is comprised of 6 modules released over six weeks. These modules are a mix of video training + workbooks.

Systems Bootcamp

This self-paced program is delivered over six weeks to ensure that you have ample time to work on each section. Course begins on June 15th, 2020.

Investment is $197.

Launches on June 15th, 2020


If you are starting out on the journey of creating systems for other business owners, want to show proficiency in systems, or add value to your team, certification is offered at an additional charge of $97. Certification will consist of showing proficiency via quizzes at the end of each module and a final exam. Certification is available starting July 1st. You will receive a digital certificate that can be displayed on your Linkedin profile.