Systems Bootcamp by Jen Rudd

Systems Bootcamp

Laying the foundation of automation in your business.

Creating systems in your business sets you up to automate. Grab the exact framework and tools I use to create complex, automated systems for businesses.

Why Take Systems Bootcamp?

If you are looking to automate your business, you need to work on the foundations of your business FIRST. If you don't have a plan for your systems to run like a well-oiled machine, then you aren't going to be able to automate, period. 

This bootcamp will help you create systems that can be automated - because chances are, the way you currently run your business doesn't translate to automation. 

Not only will you learn the theory behind systems and learn to break down your processes, but you will also get the tools I use in my own business to make automation magic. 

What is Included in Systems Bootcamp?

This is a six-week course jam packed with video tutorials, guides, tools, and a healthy dose of whipping your business into shape. 

Included in the program:

  • My Systems Mapping Diagram Tools: Create pretty infographics of your workflow for your team or to even sell your services more efficiently. Tell your leads what it looks like to work with you - visually!
  • The Airtable Systems Planner Base: I customized a base to help you plan out your workflow - step by step, piece by piece. Copy it right into your account and start running with it - how to videos included!
  • The Magic Airtable Base: The magic base I use to manage my own projects - with Airtable and Asana. Whether you are a team of one or a team of twenty, let's use some real project management tools - already ready for your workflow!
  • Zapier Automations: You know those dizzying, multi-step zaps that you know replace the work of like ten people? The ones that you know exist but you can never figure out? You can copy and paste them right into your account - really! I got the four magic ones that build out my Magic Airtable Base hanging out ready to go for you - PLUS a video training on how to make the magic happen!

  • The Client Experience Guide (a $49.99 value!) The ultimate guide to building a client experience that builds raving fans!
  • Asana + Trello For Scaling Businesses  (a $24.99 value!) Copy and paste workflows for your scaling business into your tools of choice - PLUS an exclusive how-to on how to translate them to Airtable!

Systems Bootcamp

Unleash automation into your business today!

What's included?


Part 1 : Welcome to Systems Bootcamp!
πŸ““ Introduction to Systems Bootcamp πŸ““
πŸ““ The Eight Systems of Business πŸ““
πŸ“š System Diagramming Library πŸ“š
5.63 KB
🎞️ Installing The Library of Tools 🎞️
4 mins
🎞️ Mind Mapping Your Current Process 🎞️
7 mins
πŸ““ Prepping for Next Week πŸ““
Part 2: Mapping The Full System
πŸ““ Taking Your Mindmap to A Systems Framework πŸ““
🎞️ Fleshing Out Your Systems Map 🎞️
28 mins
πŸ“ Airtable Systems Planner Base πŸ“
🎞️ Using the Airtable Systems Planner Base 🎞️
21 mins
Part 3: Identification of Individual Systems
πŸ““ How To Identify the Individual Pieces of a Workflow πŸ““
🎞️ Week 3 - Refining Your Workflow Systems 🎞️
25 mins
Part 4: Simplifying Your Workflow
πŸ““ Simplifying Your Workflow πŸ““
2.34 MB
🎁 BONUS: The Client Experience Guide 🎁
3.33 MB
Part 5: Automation Time!
41 mins
✨✨The Magic Airtable Base✨✨
Part 6: Expanding Systems In Your Business
❓ Why Do We Start With The Client Experience Workflow? ❓
🎁 BONUS: Asana and Trello For Scaling Businesses 🎁
βž• Add Asana Worfklows to Airtable βž•
➑️ Open Me Last ⬅️
πŸ“” Glossary of Terms πŸ“”

How Is The Bootcamp Delivered?

The Systems Bootcamp is comprised of 6 modules you get instant access to! Follow in order, or get right down to the Airtable bases - the choice is yours!