Hybrid Business Mastermind by Jen Rudd

Hybrid Business Mastermind

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October 2nd @ 1:30PM EST: Kick-Off Meeting!
Replay of Our Kick Off Meeting
Part 1: Building a Foundation
October 10th @ 1PM EST Mastermind Meeting
October 10th Systems Map Review
42 mins
October 16th at 1pm EST: Dubsado Training with Cameron!
October 16th Replay
(1h 18m 30s)
Part 2: Research
October 23rd at 1PM EST Mastermind Meeting
October 23rd Mastermind Meeting Replay
(1h 16m 27s)
Product Planning Notes for Mastermind Meeting
October 29th at 1pm EST : Podia with Matt!
Discount for 15% off Lifetime Podia Account
Podia Replay!!!!
(1h 06m 08s)
Part 3: Creation
November 6th at 1pm EST : Mastermind Meeting
November 14th at 1pm EST: Software Integration Basics with Jen
Part 4: Visibility
November 19th at 1PM EST : Abby Herman
November 20th at 1PM EST : Mastermind Meeting
Abby Herman's Training
(1h 09m 56s)
Abby's Content Mastery Lab!
Part 5: Telling the Story
December 4th at 1PM EST : Studio Eighty Seven
December 5th at 1PM EST: Mastermind Meeting
Resources from Studio Eighty Seven
Part 6: Scaling
December 11th at 1PM EST : Running on Autopilot with Jen
December 18th at 1PM EST : Final Mastermind Meeting!