Dubsado Workflow for Wedding Planners by Jen Rudd

Dubsado Workflow for Wedding Planners

Dubsado Workflow for Wedding Planners

Take the guess work out of creating your workflow in Dubsado! With our flowchart of how to set up your Dubsado along with suggested forms to create, you can now tailor your client experience for your Wedding Planning Clients.
This includes:
  • Flowchart of Lead Process (Initial Contact to Proposal Sending)
  • Flowchart of Client Management (Onboarding Email through End Of Wedding)
  • Components Needed to Complete Workflow (Questionnaires, Proposals, Packages)
  • Pre-Made Forms + Workflows will be available for sale in January 2019!
Process is for both full planning and day of clients – you can modify to fit your needs!

What's included?

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Dubsado Workflow for Wedding Planners
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Do You Offer Refunds?

Due to the nature of this product, no refunds, exchanges, or replacements will be given. If you have questions on products, please contact us

What are the Workflow Products?

Workflows are essential aspects of setting up Dubsado for speed and to make it your kick-butt personal assistant. The workflow packages are 2 part – they are COLOR CODED and NUMBERED charts that help you visualize your business and how a lead MOVES through Dubsado – once they get into your system, how to get paid, and how to manage them with the automations in Dubsado.

The second part is how those colored and numbered boxes correlate to Dubsado. This is a list of items and some key details of what you need to have IN Dubsado for this fancy workflow to well, work.

This PDF is chock full of information that when properly implemented can make your system work like a dream. Or a virtual assistant for client management. Or just make it so you don’t freak out when someone wants information and you are sipping mai tais by the pool in the Caribbean. (Totally on my bucket list!)

Fabulous, But How Do I Get It Into Dubsado?

If you are a Dubsado rockstar, skip right past this one. If you need a Video, Step By Step of how to set up a workflow in Dubsado, then the Dubsado 101 Video Course is for you! This the ULTIMATE setup guide for getting your Dubsado up and running on your own terms!

Need templates directly in your account? Check out the Dubsado DIY Package where you get general canned emails, general workflows that you can customize with you workflow flow chart, and templated forms that you can customize for your unique business. This will get you up and running FASTER. Cut your setup time in HALF with a pre-setup account! 

I Want to Make Dubsado My Only Software. How Do I Do That?

There are some businesses that need a wide range of systems to get them going. But if your business is straightforward, you just need to track income and expenses, and you want to be sure your clients get the best experience POSSIBLE, then you can TOTALLY use Dubsado for everything. Including Bookkeeping. I teamed up with Tiffany of Bastian Accounting to create the Bookkeeping Primer on how to use Dubsado Bookkeeping. It not only includes a chart of accounts, but best practices when setting up Dubsado to track your business. There are also some great resources (like the Home Office Deduction Calculator!) included at the end of the package.

What If I Need More Help Than This?

If this is all over your head, then there are a few things you can do! You can check out the HELP section of Dubsado. There are some fantastic resources there. You can join the Dubsado Community on Facebook – I am totally in there ALL THE TIME. You can check out some of my blog posts on Dubsado. You can schedule a Strategy Session with me.  Or  I can just set it up for you!

Jen Rudd, PMP

Systems Implementation Expert and Business Consultant.

Questions?! Contact hello@growwithjen.com and the team will help you out!