Dubsado General Service Canned Emails by Jen Rudd

Dubsado General Service Canned Emails

Dubsado General Service Canned Emails

We have 17 canned emails to help you get your clients from lead to onboarding to signoffs and payment requests. Know how to explain the 3 part proposal package, how portals work, get your scheduler up and running, and so much more.
This includes:
  • 17 pre-written and generalized emails that you can tailor to your specific needs.
  • Provided via instant access in Google Drive – copy and paste directly into your Dubsado account, and make any edits.
  • Emails include: Lead Email, Follow Up, Send Proposal, Onboarding, Proofing, and more!

What's included?

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Dubsado General Service Canned Emails

Jen Rudd, PMP

Systems Implementation Expert and Business Consultant


Do You Offer Refunds?

Due to the nature of this product, no refunds, exchanges, or replacements will be given. If you have questions on products, please contact us

What Are The Emails?

The emails are generalized emails to help you build workflows and advance leads and clients through the process of working with you using Dubsado. If you need emails customized to your specific business or would like to discuss copywriting help, please contact us with your needs to get a quote.