Dubsado Client Experience Tutorial by Jen Rudd

Dubsado Client Experience Tutorial

The ultimate step by step video tutorial on how to leverage Dubsado to create the perfect client experience.

Not sure what the client experience looks like? Check out my Client Experience Guide!

Ready to get Dubsado working for you?

Tired of looking at half-completed forms and workflows that don't work? Sign up for the Client Experience Tutorial that puts the Client Experience Guide in practice and gets your Dubsado up and running - stat. 

What is Included:

The Dubsado Client Experience Tutorial is a video walkthrough of all you need to know to knock Dubsado into shape quickly to get clients booked! Most tutorials focus on all the features, but not what to do - step by step - to implement a client experience second to none. 

Modules Include: 

  • Dubsado Basics - How Dubsado works, an overview of the features of Dubsado and notes on getting things up and running quickly!
  • Building Guides + Proposals - Create forms that WOW and also do the heavy lifting to get your leads closed! This includes basic CSS code as well as tips and tricks to get beautiful forms fast.
  • Schedule With Style - Getting clients and leads to book on their own doesn't mean you can't make it feel personal! Let's get the most out of the scheduler in Dubsado to improve client experience.
  • Nurturing Emails - Creating emails that foster the sale, meet the lead where they are and help close the sales. Also what emails do you need to send once you have closed the sale? All covered here! 
  • Workflow for Automation -  Let's use the "Set and Forget" strategy when it comes to workflows. Knowing where your lead and client is at any stage is essential to automate processes. Creating workflows that answer their needs helps you let the software do the heavy lifting. 
  • Putting It All Together - Now that you have your machine in place, let's turn it on, fine tune, and watch your business scale! 

What's included?

Video Icon 13 videos File Icon 6 files Text Icon 11 text files


Welcome to The Dubsado Client Experience Tutorial
What to Expect
2 mins
Welcome and Introduction
Setting Yourself Up For Success
Overview Of Your Dashboard
23 mins
Building Guides + Proposals
Building Guides and Proposals
Tips for the Perfect Investment Guide
Tips for the Perfect Welcome Guide
Packages Overview
3 mins
Forms Overview
7 mins
Maximizing Your Forms
23 mins
Nurturing Emails
Nurturing Emails
Canned Email Overview
6 mins
Supercharge Your Email Sequences
Schedule With Style
Schedule With Style
Scheduler Template
6 mins
Practical Notes on the Scheduler
6 mins
Work it With Workflows
Work It With Workflows
Workflow Actions
12 mins
Building Workflows
7 mins
Workflow Walkthrough
4 mins
Leveraging Workflows.mp4
21 mins
Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts.mp4
4 mins
All Included Resources
All Included Resources
Dubsado Workflow Doc
Dubsado Package Worksheet
Dubsado CSS Cheatsheet
Essential Investment Guide .pdf
1.23 MB
Essential Welcome Guide.pdf
1.23 MB
Dubsado Image Size Templates
Supercharge Your Email Sequences.pdf
1.24 MB