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Offerings that Scale

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Zapier Workshop

Join the live workshop on how to automate and integrate your business by unleashing the power of Zapier. 
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Systems Mapping Training

Need help planning out how to implement new software and processes? Take my FREE Systems Mapping Training. 

The Three Post-It Method

Ready to make it EASY for people to buy from you? The secret to sales is CLARITY. Let's be super clear on what you have to offer so you spend less time CONVINCING people to work with you and more time ensuring they are the right fit. Take a page from the training I go through with my clients to be CRYSTAL CLEAR on what they have to offer so there is no question when it comes to asking for the sale. 

Dubsado Client Experience Tutorial

The ULTIMATE video tutorial on how to get Dubsado set up - NOW. Implement the perfect Client Experience today!

Business Tracking Worksheet

Need to track your leads? Tired of trying to extract information from several places to keep track of where your business is? Want a little automation in your life? Check out my Business Management Template! This is a worksheet designed to help you keep track of leads, payments, contracts and finances. And the best part is: I have a video with a step by step guide on how to integrate Dubsado, Google Sheets (what the template is built on) and your booking software using the power of Zapier. It is a step by step video along with the worksheet you can tailor for your business. You will need: Dubsado Account (use "growwithjen" to save 30% off your first month or year if you are not already a subscriber) Paid Zapier Account (~$25/month) Scheduler (Acuity/Calendly – must be paid accounts. You can omit this portion if you like) Google Drive account (free!) Roughly 30 minutes to complete the zaps yourself!
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Asana Daily Business Management Template

Get control of the 8 Systems in Your Business with daily reminders of what to do to continue to propel your business forward. This Asana template (with a how to install video!) will help you keep on track daily with your business systems. The first step to gaining control of your business is the daily practice of doing the right things to keep moving forward in your business. 
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